You never know what someone may be going through

by | Jun 27, 2023

We all have ups and downs in life, I used to call them valleys and peaks. What I did not realize is that sometimes there is a crevice in a person’s life that is trying to swallow them whole, and it takes everything they have to keep from succumbing to that crack in their world.

That was me not to long ago.  I was at the Club and received news that was so heart wrenching that I truly believe had there not been a floor underneath me, the world would have swallowed me whole.  And it did not just go away that moment, it lasted for weeks.  I felt I was in that crevice surrounded by quick sand and it took everything I had just to breathe and survive while I was in it.

This moment happens to many of us in many different ways. To the outside world – most are clueless who may be living this moment. It could be the person driving slow in front of you driving you crazy because you are in a hurry, but they simply can’t see through their tears.  It could be the grumpy old neighbor you share stories about, but they are so lonely and in despair because all of their family and friends have passed on and they desperately just need a friend.  It could be the person working out in spin class right next to you, and when they push to hard and break that emotional safe place, they run out of the room and lose it in the next room, because it is just to much to bear at that moment.

So this is my challenge to you today – BE THE REASON SOMEONE SMILES TODAY.  In this current world, so many people have lost hope in the kindness and goodness of people.  It really just takes one person spreading joy, love and concern for those around them.  Go out of your way to do an act of kindness, not just today but everyday for a week.  Think about that moment at the end of the day, how did it make YOU feel?  My guess is, you will gain so much out of it, you will continue to share love and joy with others.

I know you may think that you are just one person, that you alone can not make a difference, but I am here to say – YES YOU CAN.  It took one person to motivate me – it took one person to create the concept of Club Hope.  One person can truly make a difference.  BE THAT PERSON.