Hills or Valleys?!?

by | Jul 17, 2023

I used to run through both without a problem – today I got stuck and wanted to stay in the valley. Sound familiar? Can you relate?

This week – I got some disappointing news on a few things leading me to my next chapter. So today I woke up mentally beat. But I don’t often get the chance to run my old country paths that fed my soul as a kid – so I put on my running shoes anyway.

No surprise first hill was work but fresh legs can push you up anything – but once I hit the valley with big hills of both sides – I choose to just stop and stay for a long while. I didn’t want to climb either one.

You see it is easier to stay in that low spot when you are mentally spent – to be in the valley where you don’t have to muster up the energy to climb the hill to get out.

Not long ago a survivor shared with me while tears ran down her face – that she knows she has to get of the couch but she can’t. You see – her brain has been so overwhelmed by life – the couch is the safe space to be – you don’t have to think – she can just exist. So we stay – we accept the loneliness- we accept the sadness – because we know it.

But let’s think about that – if I choose today to stay in that valley – What would I miss??

We miss the beauty of the hilltop – we miss the ability to overcome our struggles – we miss the potential of being who God truly created us to be. Life is hard people – trust me – I believe that statement more than I ever have. But I CANNOT stay in the valley – I can no longer roll over and pull the covers over my head and hope the world and problems go away. Trust me I have done it to much already. And maybe you need a little time there – but we CANNOT stay there.

Start taking those first steps out of the valley – begin to climb your hill or get off your favorite spot on that cozy couch for just a few minutes of movement.

I promise you the beauty from the top will be worth the work to get there and yes there may be another hill right after the first one but eventually someday – momentum and joy will take over for us again. And it will all be worth it.

Don’t know how to start or looking for a community to support you right where you are – Club Hope is for you.

Hey we got a couch of our own at the Club. I will meet you there – let’s climb our hills together.